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Welcome to Covina Dental Arts & Orthodontics located in the heart of downtown Covina, offering dental care & orthodontic treatment in the same location. Our Covina office prides itself on serving the community for over 4 decades. Dr. John Mack, Dr. Harry W. Humphreys, Dr. Rubin Nichols and now as Covina Dental Arts & Orthodontics. As part of this community we are and will be dedicated to superior dental care and health education. Our aim is to raise the standard of dentistry in Los Angeles County through a personal connection, a beautiful newly renovated office, and state of the art dental care at affordable prices.

Our entire dental team focuses on comprehensive family dentistry. Every dentist at Covina Dental Arts & Orthodontics is trained in advanced cosmetic dentistry, porcelain restorations, and biocompatible dental materials that are safe to use in your mouth and teeth. We do wisdom teeth extractions and Root Canals when necessary, but also explore all other treatment options before extracting or performing a root canal on a vital tooth. We believe that less is more when it comes to healthcare and performing treatment on your teeth. We understand that the best treatment is the most conservative and preserving for your natural teeth.

We have a dental team that has created these philosophies together as one unit. In healthcare there are so many treatment options out there but all too oftened they are all governed by the dentists' and doctors' idea of excellent healthcare. At Covina Dental Arts & Orthodontics our philosophies are based on sound clinical research, a team approach, and modern concepts on preventative and conservative dental care. Come in and give us the chance to take care of you and build your trust through our commitment to improving your health through great dentistry.

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