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Dental veneers and smile makeover

The front teeth are most important for a smile. If there are minor errors like chipped tooth, discolored tooth or misshapen tooth, they can make your smile less interesting and less attractive. Dental veneers are designed to reshape your front teeth. They can withstand pressure and load to an extent as they are strong. Here are some transformations that can be made though dental veneers:-

  1. Lengthening your teeth
  2. Aligning the front teeth to give it a proper look
  3. Eliminating gaps between the teeth
  4. Improving the appearance of a discolored tooth

Dental veneer treatment

The first step involves the full check up and questionnaire followed by the questions related to the expectations of the patients. The process of dental veneers can cure a number of front teeth errors. After knowing the expectations of the patients, the treatment starts with teeth preparation which requires the numbing of the area. Some portions of the front teeth surface is removed so that the veneers can fit over the surface. After the teeth are prepared, impressions are taken in order to create acrylic veneers at our office. These veneers are temporaries used until the permanent ones get prepared in the lab.

Dental veneer fabrication

The dental veneer process cannot be accomplished without artistic skills. The involvement of the patient plays a vital role in contributing the success of the cosmetic dentistry procedure. If explained well, the patients can acquire their desired smile to a great extent. The shape of the final veneers are decided by wax molds. This stage decides the design of the smile. Porcelain veneers are fabricated using wax molds in the lab.

Final stage

During the final visit, the temporaries are removed and teeth surface is cleaned. The porcelain veneers is fully checked for fitting and finishing before they are bonded over the teeth surface. Patients need not worry as the dentist clearly explains as how to take care of the veneers.